Welcome to the North East Region!

Going to Camp Apocalypse? You should!

Five (!) Apocalypse Events in one weekend, run by Brian Murphy and his team of storytelling ninjas.

Provisional Schedule:
Slot 1: 5pm -> 7pm
Slot 2: 9pm -> Whenever the bonfire burns out

Slot 3: 10am-2pm (lunch break in middle)
Slot 4/5: 4pm-12am (dinner break in middle)

Soft RP and packup.

Sign Up Form is right here!

Hotel nearby for non-camping campers!

For more information check out the event on Facebook


North East Regional Showcase 2020

It’s our turn again!

Do you have ideas for a showcase?  Do you want to help make the showcase happen?  The RC’s office wants your ideas for location and timing!

Send an email to the Regional Coordinator

For more information about how this whole thing works check out the Showcase FAQ.


Announcing the North East Flier Repository Project!
In an effort to help Domains recruit, we’re attempting to develop a collection of ready-to-go fliers that Domains can make use of for promotions without having to struggle with design. The hope is to provide “plug & play” fliers for use, and offering Regional Prestige (and if applicable, VIP) to those who contribute.

Full details here


Upcoming Events

September, 13-15, Springville, NY – FGotM/Garou Campout, NY-012-D
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October – Sundered Lands FGotM – Amherst, MA, MA-005-D

December – Children of Lost Eden FGotM – New York City, NY, NY-004-D