Welcome to the North East Region!

North East Regional Showcase 2020

Here we go, everyone. After tossing some things at the wall and consulting the oracles, your RC and RST have put together the following, does-not-conflict-with-conventions calendar for the Regional Showcase Year of Awesome (official title pending).


April 24-26: Vampire the Masquerade Weekend

Lead/Second: This

June 5-7: Camp Apocalypse

Lead/Second: Could

August 21-23: Spaaaaaaace! Weekend

Lead/Second: Be

October 23-25: CoD-X Weekend

Lead/Second: YOU! Watch for the All Call, coming very soon.


Locations: TBD

We’ve got some nifty places in mind, but do you know the perfect spot? Send an email to the Regional Coordinator

For more information about how this whole thing works check out the Showcase FAQ.


Announcing the North East Flier Repository Project!
In an effort to help Domains recruit, we’re attempting to develop a collection of ready-to-go fliers that Domains can make use of for promotions without having to struggle with design. The hope is to provide “plug & play” fliers for use, and offering Regional Prestige (and if applicable, VIP) to those who contribute.

Full details here


Upcoming Events