Shattered Antiquities – Boston, MA


Domain Coordinator: Rhys O.
Domain Storyteller: Graham R.

Web Presence

Facebook: Shattered Antiquities LARPs
MES Wiki: MA-003-D
Mailing List: NHMACam


Space: the Infinite Edge – A Sickly House

Storyteller: Tyler B.
Wiki: Strugni

Vampire: the Masquerade (Cam/Anarch) – Shattered Antiquities

Storyteller: Aaron V.
Wiki: Glass and Steel

Vampire: the Masquerade (Sabbat) – Eldritch Shores

Storyteller: Matt B
Wiki: Essex County

Werewolf: the Apocalypse – Sept of the Eastern Skies

Storyteller: Dan C.
Wiki: Sept of the Eastern Skies
Mailing List: NHMA Garou