Sundered Lands – Amherst, MA


Domain Coordinator: Erin S.
Domain Storyteller: Andrew C.

Web Presence

Facebook: Sundered Lands MES
MES Wiki: MA-005-D
Mailing List: Sundered Lands General


CoD-X (Mage) – The Silence of Amherst

Storyteller: Simone T
MES Wiki: CoD-X / City / Amherst, MA

Space: the Infinite Edge – Eridani – What Lies Beneath

Storyteller: Vacant
MES Wiki: Space / System / Expanse / Eridani

Werewolf: the Apocalypse – Black City on a White Field

Storyteller: Vance W.
IC Mailing List: Sundered Lands Apoc IC
MES Wiki: Apocalypse / Sept / Springfield, MA

Vampire: the Masquerade (Sabbat) – Corruption Breeds Contempt

Storyteller: Caroline T.
MES Wiki: Masquerade / Domain / Springfield, MA