Space: the Infinite Edge

ST Lead: Brian B
ST Second: Tegan M

Preregister for game here!  Preregistration ends November 1st.

Preregistration benefits:

  • [General Benefit] 3 bonus fuel for your choice of game (can be split up per game)
  • Personal invitation by a member of the administration of one of the colleges of The Well. This comes with permission to dock on the moon for the reception as well as the ability to make one (1) inquiry of the College during game.
  • Players with a 2016 or 2017 MES number will also be allowed to make one inquiry of Tenjin in private during the course of the evening.

A broadcast goes out over all news channels and streams, interrupting the usual programming. The SecV Government’s sigil appears in the top right, as well as the Entertainer’s Union, laid over one of the most familiar sights in the Sector – Nalanda, known more widely as The Well, the planet where the infrastructure of the University which is the source of employment and industry across Sector V, as well as education. What is unfamiliar is a smaller orb floating in front of it. One that none of you have ever seen:

“A small moon has appeared in orbit around The Well. I will repeat that to let it sink in, a moon has… appeared. On-world researchers from the illustrious Nalanda Free University are unsure of it’s origins and have made only preliminary investigations into its nature. The Chancellor has made an open call for people to come and investigate both the moon itself and the mysterious entity that sent the following message to the Deans of each of the colleges earlier this week:

I am Tenjin. I am the Index. I serve your colleges as a guide to things discovered and documented. Come browse my stacks. I will guarantee your safety as I am a servant of the University. Ask for Guidance, and You Shall Find the Way.

Preliminary investigations show no signs of risk, and the University will be hosting a reception for all interested parties.”

OOC: All pre-event inquiries should directed to the Venue Lead Brian Barnes at and the RST Matt Blank

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Regional Showcase VSS

I. Administrative Information
A. Lead Storyteller:Brian Barnes – US 2005023028
B. Storyteller Second: Tegan M – US 2015120027

II. Styles of Play
Action (Combat and challenges): 2
Character Development (Personal dilemmas and choices): 2
Darkness (PC Corruption): 4
Death (PC Death): 1
Drama (Ceremony and grand story): 3
Intrigue (Politics and negotiation): 4
Manners (Social etiquette and peer pressure): 4
Mystery (Enigmas and investigation): 4

1 = Never Present
2 = Sometimes Present
3 = Often Present
4 = Usually Present
5 = Always Present

III. Setting


Sector V is the site of a strange occurrence. A Moon appeared in orbit around The Well, a planet which is dominated by Nalanda Free University. The University has done a preliminary search of the moon, which appears to be the home of an AI which calls itself Tenjin. The moon is a large library-like structure which Tenjin refers to as the index. Preliminary journeys have secured a dining hall and several rooms which the University is using to host a reception.

IV. Theme
Academic Study, and Exploration
Tenjin is a largely unexplored mystery. The Well is inviting people from across the Sectors to come to a reception which will begin the exploration endeavors into the moon itself.

V. Mood
Curiosity and Learning
The reception on Tenjin is an overtly curious event, but it is also an occasion to mingle with the leadership of both the Sector and also The Well. People from around the sector will gather to ask questions, of Tenjin and of each other.

Appendix A: Schedule

8PM – 12AM: NWoD Space: Infinite Edge
8:00PM: Setting the Scene and Game on
8:30PM: Official Welcome by Dean Hills of Nalanda College
8:30PM-9:00PM: Networking
9:00PM-12:00AM: Open Reception and Explorations