Vampire: the Masquerade

ST Lead: Tyler Brown
ST Second: Graham R

Preregister for game here!  Preregistration ends November 1st.

Preregistration benefits:

  • [General Benefit] 3 bonus fuel for your choice of game (can be split up per game)
  • +1 Entry into a raffle for a special item for Masquerade: You can have someone assist the Servire for the NE Archon, Vidal Jarbeaux (Toreador, in Service of Justicar Guil).
  • Trivial Boon from any of the NPCs in Connecticut.  If your MES number is 2016 or 2017, you gain a Minor Boon instead.
  • The top three (3) Clans that preregister will have a NPC Primogen. (Note: CT is a petty Praxis, so there are only 3 Primogen)

Prince Stokley of New Haven has called Conclave of the Authority Figures within the North East as there is much to discuss and something has made the Prince nervous. The invitation is open to any and all who wish to see peace and prosperity continue among the Sects. You are invited to attend in New Haven Connecticut and stay at the Brornstad: the oldest house on the east coast. It is thought to predate the colonies by several centuries. The house is old and it’s secrets are even older. Come and see what it has to tell you.

OOC: All pre-event inquiries should directed to the Venue Lead Tyler Brown at and the RST Matt Blank

Want to NPC?  Sign-up here.  We are looking for the following roles:

  • Prince Stokley, Elder Ventrue- very prim and proper, kind of a King George vibe
  • Sheriff Corbeau, Ancilae Nosferatu- formerly a French Spymaster.
  • A servire for Archon Vidal Jarbeaux, Toreador Archon

Regional Showcase VSS

VSS Boundaries: New Haven Connecticut
The Surrounding ares of Connecticut
VST Lead: Tyler Brown <>
VST Second: Graham Rockwell <>

City Type: Primary Camarilla petty praxis

Other Vampire Political Affiliations Active in the Domain:
There is a small amount of Anarchs within the city called the Red Riders, although they are not overly political and seem content to live and let live. They have had a neutral stance with the Ventrue Prince as he does not seem overly concerned with hassling them, and they have no reason to stick their head out. Their leader, Micky Mike, is also known to be a Ventrue and it’s rumored the two are not unfriendly with each other.

Sect Boundaries:
The Camarilla praxis controls most of the city outside of a small section of area that the Anarchs control, but this amounts mostly to their shared haven and a bar they hang out in.

Theme: Subtle Tension – Celebratory – Foreboding secrets

New Haven is something of a quiet city – politically speaking. It has rarely ever had any Sabbat presence and the Anarchs that do reside there have been transitory and relatively quiet. They don’t make waves and in return the Camarilla leaves them pretty much alone.

The city has had several instances of switching between the Anarchs and The Camarilla over the centuries, but these transitional periods have almost always gone smoothly. The old cities residence tend to move on and a new Sect takes control simply due to their more significant numbers.

It is such a time right now, when the Camarilla has maintained such control for the last thirty years.

Prince is Edward Stokely, Ventrue Elder, has been the Prince of the city for the past thirty years. Before that time, when the Anarchs temporarily held control of the City, he was Primogen of his clan. When the Anarchs made it known that they would be vacating their position of leadership and the majority moving out west Stokely seized the moment and exerted authority over the Brornstad.

“The Brornstad” is said to be the oldest building on the east coast – dating it’s initial foundation back to the 11th century – when Vikings sailed down along the coast. Over the years it has seen many renovations. From early colonists, to modern renovations to different Sectarian influences, it’s history is ancient – even given New England long past. It is rumored to hold many secrets.

Character sheet updates and approvals
A physical copy of a player’s character sheet is required. All items and changes on a Character Sheet are subject to Low Approval in order to keep balance within the game and between the players. Certain elements may be disallowed at the VST discretion, (including backgrounds, merits and disciplines).

All Status MUST be written down on the character sheet in order to be used during the game. If you receive or give some status, send an email to the Harpy and copy the ST Team so everyone is aware of it.

It is the player’s responsibility to make sure that their Character Sheet is complete and accurate.

As a baseline (but ST may over ride in reasonable cases). No Character sheet modification will be allowed on the night of the event.

Storyteller Notes
The majority of the game will happen at the Brornstad – the location for our event. Most scenes will involve political and social outcomes, although there will be some small break out scenes for those that so desire them. The main focus of this game is self exploration, decision making on outside threats, and political discourse.

ST staff also reserves the right to override technical systems to enforce reasonable consistency of the world. For example use of disciplines, influences, or other actions that might according to reading as written create some physically impossible or immersion breaking result will be adjusted to fit the world.
Acceptable Play

Bleed should be carefully watched for by all players. If actions or experiences start to “cross the line” and become emotionally hurtful to the player or trigger other intense emotions players are strongly encouraged to use the current call sign for needing time or to step out of character and resolve the situation.

Members of this club are expected to uphold a good attitude even though we are playing in a world of dark and terrible actions. Players are encouraged to check in after difficult or antagonistic scenes, and always remember we are working together for the mutual enjoyment and entertainment of everyone, to build a great story.

Proxing to this event is not aloud.

VSS Ratings
Action (combat and challenges): 2
Character Development (personal dilemmas and choices): 4
Darkness (PC corruption, moral challenge): 3
Death (PC Death): 2
Drama (ceremony and emotional engagement): 5
Intrigue (politics and negotiation): 4
Manners (social etiquette and peer pressure): 4
Mystery (enigmas and investigation): 4

PvP Social / Political: 4
PvP Violence / Combat : 1
PvE Social / Political: 4
PvE Violence / Combat: 2

Thematic Ratings
American History: 4
Rebellion 2
Ancient History: 4
Ghosts, Spirits and the Unknown: 4
Oppression – 2
Lying Backstabbing and Double-Dealing – 4
Status as Coin – 4
Exploration – 5