Werewolf: the Apocalypse

ST Lead: Dan Chase
ST Second: Steve Hamilton

Preregister for game here!  Preregistration ends November 1st.

Preregistration benefits:

  • [General Benefit] 3 bonus fuel for your choice of game (can be split up per game)
  • Entry into raffle for a conversation w/ GW Tribelead.
  • A Talen that grans +2 to one mundane skill check

Boston is sick! Or so the weaver spiders proclaim. They seek an antivirus to end the corruption to one of the most prestigious data banks in the territory, MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Something has found a backdoor and has begun corrupting it from within.

Simultaneously, Tellus Electronics has revealed themselves as the successful benefactor of a new grant for students who wish to develop cutting edge electronics. A representative will be journeying down to Boston to meet with two students and discuss the future possibilities of their newest invention, a quantum computer.

OOC: All pre-event inquiries should directed to the Venue Lead Dan Chase at boston.apoc.vst@gmail.com and the RST Matt Blank rst@ne.mindseyesociety.org

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Regional Showcase VSS

Physical: 5/10
Action: 7/10
Character Dev: 4/10
PC Death:6/10

Mood: Anxiety, Fear

Themes: Decisions

MIT has been put on the map once again. A group of students, have pieced together a computer of miniscule size capable of doing the work of much heavier machines. Naturally, Tellus Electronic has taken notice. A representative has offered the group a full scholarship and a large sum of money for a grant to continue development of this machine. Tellus Electronics has arranged a publicity meeting with the leaders of the group. It will be held publicly on Saturday November 11th at MIT(in some kind of lecture hall). With such a large company in town reporters and the public all have their eye on this meeting.  What effects has Tellus had upon this group of students, this computer, or this school?

Travel Risks:
Heavy Police activity and hired securities fill the area surrounding MIT. Memorial Drive and Comm Ave. are at a near standstill.

Proxy Rules:
I will not be accepting proxies for this event.

Experience Awards:
10 XP for game
3 Event XP (Regional)