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A construct the size of a small moon that suddenly appeared near the University and contains an unimaginable archive.

Caldera System (Verge)


Star: Bethrezen, an F4V, blue-white subgiant star found 250LY from the nebula.
Planets: 6 – Agni, Mishal, Hestia, Ignis, Shulamit, Pele
Other Elements: Augustus Station

Eridani 16/17 (Expanse)


Stars: Binary stars one red and one white
Planets: Four.
Asteroid belts: One, which lies between Ida Mark 3 and Ida Mark 4.
Other Elements: Ringside, a planet spanning space station that rings around Ida Mark 3.

Strungi (Expanse)

Stars: Strungi-261, Primary Star of the system; and The Pulsar, occured as part of The Event, dramatically changing much of the system.
Planets: 4
Other Elements: Strungi Station, The Graveyard

Xion-Taul (Verge)


Stars: Malaxis, Xion-Tau
Planets: 2 – Ayero, Deutune
Asteroid Belts: One, Ianope Belt
Other Elements: XTPC Station Calliope, Zatpor, Veritaxis (The Wreck)