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Regional Historical Plot

Over the course of the month of April 2018, new legislation is passed all across the North East of the United States. While the specifics vary state to state (and VSS to VSS), it generally becomes harder to have a gun and concealed carry license.

The specifics of when and how this effects your specific VSS it up to your VST.

If you’d like to investigate this, please reach out to the RST <> and include your VST.

Important Locations

Greater Boston Area – Camarilla/Independent Alliance

Boston a gate between ages. It is a bridge opening the way between the old world and the new. Yet it is a seat of revolution where colonies broke from nations, young kindred turned against their elders. Modern and ancient ideals and powers clash over long years. Upon the rising of the red start and false Gehenna, the Camarilla power has been badly damaged by conflict. War with the Sabbat and the the resulting backlash of Mortal faith and fervor shattered the old order. New England has always been deeply connected to the matters of faith. When humanity rose, the power of the New England faith, learning and technological advancement took notice and rallied against the dark and unnatural .

Now (as secretly in ages past) in order to survive the Tower has filled its cracks with dark dealings. A pact was made with the rising Independent Alliance to keeps the fires from the gates. The Merchant Princes and Dealers of Sin now work hand in hand with the Tower as powerful mercenary partners. Can this endure, who is using whom and what lies just beneath the surface, who can know such things, and what would survive such answers.

VSS: Shattered Antiquities
Storyteller: Aaron V.
Wiki: Glass and Steel

Essex County, MA – Sabbat

Cities offer respite form the dangers and uncertainty of the world. The towns that make up Essex county are small outposts between shadowy stretches of unknown horrors that hide in the lost and forgotten wilds of Northern Massachusetts.

When the Red Star signaled the end times the forces of the Sabbat mobilized south to wage war on their ancient adversaries of the Camarilla. Leaving behind them their homes and holdings in hopes of conquering the prize of the shining city. As the war raged on and the losses mounted the areas where the Sabbat held sway fell from the grasp and the presence of their former masters were forgotten.

Only a scant few members of the Sword of Caine survived the “End Times” most huddling in the few “cities” that call Essex County home. A small Sabbat stronghold still exists in Lawrence overseen by the Bishop of the Kine who stands as the last member of the clergy that did not fall in the war on the Camarilla.
Now in the Shadow of the Blood Accords the Sabbat have returned to their ancestral homes to lick their wounds and strengthen their numbers. They await the end of the Accord and the return of the war on their elders.

VSS: Eldritch Shores
Storyteller: Matt B.
Wiki: Essex County

Springfield, MA – Sabbat

Springfield has been a city rife with corruption for over a century. The Cainites of the area are not immune to the allure of the strong hand of coercive control. The game takes place in an area that has a long history of organized crime, brutal politics, and an imposing Catholic church presence. The leadership of the Cainite diocese is run by a mix of Ultra-cons, and the Orthodoxy. The Kine keep the city in a near constant state of street warfare, and it has been a good cover for the fostering of a war machine for over a century. The Archbishop expects the members of the Sabbat in the area to be hyper vigilant in regards to being ready to engage in the next crusade as soon as the sect has regained its bearings again.

VSS: Corruption Breeds Contempt
Storyteller: Caroline T.
MES Wiki: Masquerade / Domain / Springfield, MA

Portland, ME – Camarilla

Maine is a dreadful place. Its people are hardy, and stick together against all adversary. They remember the darkest nights, and cherish the warmest fire.

Attempts to establish a kindred holding in southern Maine have had mixed success. There’s an uneasy feeling, an unwelcome feeling. Spitting in the face of past failures a new group sets out to claim the domain, certain they have what it takes to achieve what all others have failed at doing, and eager to claim recognition for a job well done.

VSS: Snow and Nightmares
Storyteller: Robert O.

New York, NY – Camarilla/Anarch

In the tombs of granite towers the prince walks in a dream, seeking only darkness. Dysfunction and corruption carpet the cold hollow floors. Soon his reign shall end and the jackals in the shadows will feast on the bones of his empire. Once weak enemies will grow, new empires will rise and but yet the night shall continue. Who shall replace the crown, will the alliance that keeps the peace crumble. The very jewel of the Camarilla will either shine or shatter.

VSS: War of Ages
Storyteller: Buck C.
MES Wiki: New York Masquerade
Mailing List: NYC Masquerade

Buffalo, NY – Sabbat

When the Red Star rose, Buffalo was a bastion of the Camarilla. But those pawns of the Ancients were unprepared for the Crusade waged against them. The sabbat redeemed this city in blood and fire, and set about preparing themselves for the end of days. But the end of days never came. Cast adrift and beset on all sides: by anarchs challenging their control, by hunters during the nights of turmoil and with the Long War against the camarilla in abeyance, the Sabbat of Buffalo have taken to forging themselves anew in preparation for the wars that must surely come. But rebirth is never easy and the factions of the Sabbat debate fiercely over the future. Who will survive the forging? And who will be burned off with the dross?

VSS: Buffalo Sabbat
Storyteller: Colin M.
Wiki: Buffalo Sabbat
Facebook: MES 2017 Sabbat NY 012-D