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Important Locations


Sept of the Burning Heart

In the moments after their Caerns fell, the Garou of came together, refusing to dwell in their fear. They were one of the first Seed Caerns created, pushing aside differences with the Fera and working together to make their port in the storm. From their new home, under a strong Sept Leader, they fight their battles on every front they can.
Fera and Garou alike push on for the greater good, but as time passes, the political divide grows wider, and they fight battles at home they need not. Their leaders know that if they fall to old hatreds, they will fail, and push them always forward.

Their reputation as the port in the storm has made them a fallback point for many. What risks will this cause their sept, and what alliances can be made? What does the sudden economic boom in Erie and Niagara counties mean? Will their united front crumble under the pressure? Or will they be the example for the Nation they pride themselves to be?

VSS: Sept of the Burning Heart
Kris P
Wiki: Sept of the Burning Heart
Facebook: Sept Of The Burning Heart LARP (MES 2017 NY-012D)

Sept of the Eastern Skies

The Sept is located in between the borders of the Willowdale State Forest and Bradley Palmer State Park. Originally, this Sept was small – large enough to protect itself, but small enough to remain isolated. Howl of Rage attempted to do everything in his power to save the Caern, and almost cost the lives of those who lived there. Forced to retreat, he did not give up – and thus, they retook the lands after he bartered a deal with the Stargazers. Some say, he did so rather reluctantly. Others state it was nothing more than his old age blinding his usual prejudices. What is for certain is someone in the Beast Court had a soft spot for the Fallen Stargazer of the Sept – Ms. Mills.

The Sept is looking to find new leadership among the youth.

VSS: Sept of the Eastern Skies
Storyteller: Dan C.
Wiki: Sept of the Eastern Skies
Mailing List: NHMA Garou

Sept of the Fallen Green

It took years, but we rebuilt. We found a likely place where a caern could go, and we negotiated the release of a caern shard so that we could form a Sept around it. The Garou came together in a way I’ve never seen before. And we weren’t alone – the Fera were there for us as well. I guess the sins of the past aren’t as important as the Apocalypse, and thank Gaia for that.

So here we are, at the End. We’ve been pushed and pushed, until the Wyrm probably thinks it has nothing more to worry from the homeless children of New York. We’re here to prove the Wyrm is the wrong. We’re here to remind everyone that we are not dead. We are New Yorkers, and New Yorkers don’t sit down for anyone – not even a God.

VSS: A Memory of Green
Storyteller: John C

Sept of the White Fields

Since time immemorial, Western Massachusetts has been a war zone, on the front line of the battle against the Wyrm. The manufacturing plants in Springfield pumped out weapons of war and wretchedness for three centuries, and the loss of the last great Caern in the region only made their forces stronger. The remains of the last sept fought battle after battle to finally push the Wyrm’s forces back to their strongholds in Springfield and its suburbs, but the victory was pyrrhic at best. Springfield remains a powerhouse of corruption, and the final battle still needs to be fought.

While new blood tries to rebuild what has been lost, will they be able to do so without falling to the monsters at the gate… or each other?

VSS: Black City on a White Field
Storyteller: Vance W.
IC Mailing List: Sundered Lands Apoc IC
MES Wiki: Apocalypse / Sept / Springfield, MA

Dark Places

Dark Places National Document

There are areas that fall under Dark Places on the Map within the North East Region.  They are run at the Regional level.  Not every character will know the specifics about them – that is up to each player to decide what their character does and does not know – but all players should be aware of them.


Endron International Headquarters

Endron is the largest oil producer in the world and is worth well over a trillion dollars in total assets. It’s corporate headquarters have been located within the confines of Worcester Massachusetts for the last twenty years after relocating from New York. The complex serves to establish business strategies that are designed to support their mission, vision and values, and where their executives meet to discuss plans for future efforts around the globe.

It is thought that Endron owns much of the city through shell companies and many who travel through the city become oddly aware of the company’s presence in almost every aspect of it.

While it can be assumed that not every aspect of their day-to-day
operations are conducted out of this complex, their CEO, Company President and much of their Board of Directors hold official residency within the top floors of the building.